Eclipse Engineering


Eclipse Engineering

What We Do

Eclipse is a technical analysis and design firm offering FEA, CFD, and engineering automation services to the chemical process and nuclear/coal-fired power generation industries. Our areas of expertise include ASME and non-ASME equipment and structures, modular process systems, flue gas duct systems, and non-building structures. We work primarily with E&C firms, design/build firms, fabricators, and manufacturers.


What Sets Us Apart

At Eclipse, you will work with only senior-level engineers with considerable experience in the fields we serve. This means we can hit the ground running on your project, and provide solid, practical solutions to your engineering challenges.

Also, our exclusive EKLIPS automated FEA service allows clients to submit data online and quickly obtain the results, all from any web browser once we’ve done the initial setup. This easy-to-use service can save you time and money.