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Eclipse Engineering

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Eclipse Engineering developed an automated analytical solution that determined an optimized vessel agitator nozzle design in minutes

Customer need

Analysis method to quickly design the head and nozzle for an agitated vessel.

The challenge

  • Develop an analytical method to evaluate the pressure-retaining components, which could be performed by Bendel’s personnel
  • Required ASME Code certification, but Code rules were not applicable to the geometry
  • Deflection of the agitator shaft was critical

The solution
Eclipse analysts configured the EKLIPS automated finite element system, developed in-house by Eclipse Engineering, to calculate the necessary head and nozzle thickness, and stiffening such that the ASME Code allowable and deflection criteria were met.

Customer benefits

  • An optimized design means minimum material and labor costs to construct their agitated vessels
  • The finite element technique provides an accurate solution
  • Bendel’s customer is assured that the equipment will meet specifications



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