Eclipse Engineering


Eclipse Engineering

Project Execution

Eclipse Engineering employs a consistent, proven methodology for executing projects. We place great importance on thorough discussions with the client to ensure full understanding of the project's objectives and design details. We've found this approach reliably produces results that meet our customers' needs. Specifically, we do the following:

  • Determine analysis objective
  • Thoroughly define and bound scope of the project
  • Consider general approaches and identify regions of lower importance
  • Evaluate effects of using various alternative approaches
  • Ensure elected modeling technique is flexible for "what if" scenarios
  • Understand effect of realistic boundary conditions on objective
  • Perform the analysis using hand and/or automated methods as appropriate
  • Interpret and correlate results to reference material
  • Quantify response (stress, deflection, etc.) sensitivity to design features
  • If design does not meet objective, suggest solutions with a high potential to work
  • Generate a report that describes the objective and method, and provides the data and conclusions along with a thorough explanation of the results in terms the client relates to.

Customer Quotes

"Eclipse has creative analytical methods for analyzing our specialty structures." - Fluor, Mike Holden, Program Manager

"With the EKLIPS software, we have optimized and engineered designs at proposal." - ITT, Kevin Ceroky, manager of Research & Development

"Eclipse's FEA optimization helped us avoid costly trial-and-error prototyping and our testing lab confirmed the results." - Irwin Tool, Matt Shute, Manager

"The people at Eclipse understand how CAE impacts our business." - DSA, Kenn Hartman, President