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Eclipse Engineering analyzed a plate and frame heat exchanger subjected to wind and seismic loads

Customer need
Verify that the Plate Heat Exchanger subjected to pressure, thermal, deadweight, and seismic loads meets ASME, Section VIII, Div. 1 and Div. 2 for pressure-retaining components and those components that are not readily checked per AISC, ASD. AISC, ASD criteria is used for the top bar and bracing.

The challenge
The support components of the system cannot be modeled with a simplified beam representation since the moment carrying capability of the connections is required to withstand the imposed loads. Shell elements are used to accurately (or conservatively) simulate the members and the connections. Typical AISC methods are not applicable for this structure.

The solution
Eclipse engineers found that most of the frame component and connections would not safely withstand the imposed loads without modification. Top and bottom bar sections were modified and connections were reinfocred with stiffeners, as indicated in details A, B, and C shown to the right.



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