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Eclipse Engineering

Engineering Tools & Automation

Eclipse develops engineering tools, within our fields of expertise, that can be used by the customer for repetitive, complex calculations. Tools we produce include helpful hints and warnings to better ensure that the results are sound. Our EKLIPS automated FEA service is an example of the attention to detail and ease of use our tools can provide.

Engineering Tools & Automation Examples

  • Solid model / spreadsheet integration: Boiler tube pressure drop spreadsheet calculation driven by solid model attributes.
  • Stack support chair: Iterative calculation using Excel to design stack support chairs.
  • False bottom tank stiffener: Spreadsheet to design the required stiffening of false-bottom API tanks.
  • Lift lug: Spreadsheet to design lift lugs per ASME lifting standard.
  • ANSYS to STAAD converter: Visual basic application to generate a STAAD file containing beams and shells from an ANSYS file.
  • STAAD to AutoCAD converter: Visual basic application to generate an AutoCAD drawing from a STAAD design.
  • Vessel support-saddle design: Automated finite element analysis of saddle components and shell to ASME standards.
  • Fabricated ASME strainers: Spreadsheet to perform ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 calculations.
  • Angle leg calc per AISC: Vessel angle-leg calculation to consider simultaneous axial and bending forces per AISC.
  • API tank calc: Visual basic application to quickly design an API tank and communicate with an MRP system.
  • Stack calc: Developed program architecture for an automated stack design application.
  • Quick-opening closure: Developed automated FEA routine to run inside Excel to design the ASME Code components of an autocalve.
  • Stack calc: Developed a matrix manipulation method to solve for the natural frequency of a stack.

Software Expertise

  • Excel
  • Access
  • Mathcad
  • VB 6
  • VBA
  • SQL
  • EKLIPSTM FEA service