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Eclipse Engineering

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Eclipse Engineering developed an automated analytical solution that provided an engineered autoclave at quotation

Customer need

Analysis method to assure structural integrity of quick-opening closures for their engineered-to-order autoclave product.

The challenge

  • Develop an analytical method to evaluate the pressure-retaining components, which could be performed by non-engineering personnel in a few minutes to allow for an engineered design at time of quotation
  • Required ASME Code certification, but Code rules were not applicable to the geometry
  • No way to handle the new fatigue requirements of the ASME Code

The solution
Eclipse analysts configured the EKLIPS automated finite element system, developed in-house by Eclipse Engineering, such that Fabrication Associates designers can determine all design details of the door region without the aid of an onsite engineer/analyst.

Customer benefits

  • Quick-opening enclosures are completely engineered to the ASME Code at time of quotation
  • The finite element technique provides an unparalleled degree of accuracy
  • Design cost for each unique design are drastically reduced



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